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Plaintext Recovery Attack Against OpenSSH (4.7p1)

This morning we've received a couple emails and a post in our IRC channel (#dshield on concerning a Plaintext Recovery Attack against OpenSSH.  Specifically version 4.7p1, which is quite old.


From the article:

"If exploited, this attack can potentially allow an attacker to
recover up to 32 bits of plaintext from an arbitrary block of
ciphertext from a connection secured using the SSH protocol in
the standard configuration. If OpenSSH is used in the standard
configuration, then the attacker's success probability for
recovering 32 bits of plaintext is 2^{-18}. A variant of the
attack against OpenSSH in the standard configuration recovers 14
bits of plaintext with probability 2^{-14}. The success probability
of the attack for other implementations of SSH is not known."

Here's a link to the article itself:  here.  So that you may read at your leisure.

Here's a link to OpenSSH's Security Page: here.

The current version of OpenSSH is 5.1, and it's been out since July.  So make sure you are patched by running "ssh -V" on the command line.

I just did it on my OSX Machine and I am running 5.1p1. 


-- Joel Esler



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Nov 18th 2008
Is this the same issue as reported against SSH Communications commercial Tectia product?
Yes, it appears to be the same one.

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