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ELK Dashboard and Logstash parser for tcp-honeypot Logs

In my last two diaries, I shared a Pihole parser and dashboard to collect and view its logs in Elastic. In this diary, I'm sharing another parser and dashboard to visualize the data collected by Didier's tcp-honeypot. This is a work in progress. 

tcp-honeypot Log Analysis from Discover

tcp-honeypot Dashboard Summary

The file tcp-honeyport parser can be downloaded here and the dashboard JSON here.


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As a cyber security geek with very little actual budget (no way we could afford a commercial SIEM product), I'm a HUGE believer in good log servers and visualization tools! And don't be shy about rolling your own parsers and logging data with elasticsearch and kibana. I wound up writing my own syslog daemon in nodejs (a Christmas Break project to learn nodejs) and it worked so well we used it in production. At home I use it to monitor all the logs from opnsense, some ssh honeypots, snort/suricata logs, squid and DNS logs, etc. And it's been very useful. I made several videos about it here:

There's more on my page too.

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