A Possible Data Breach at Romanian Finance Ministry
An ISC reader shared with us a link to a story reported by a Romanian news agency that seems to describe a data breach at Romanian Finance Ministry (thanks you!). According to him, the article discusses a vulnerability on the website of Romania's National Agency for Fiscal Administration (main unit of the Romanian Finance Ministry, equivalent of the IRS in the USA):
This vulnerability made available the full information about all of Romania's ~22 million citizens, including the Personal Number Code (CNP - "Cod Numeric Personal" - equivalent of the Social Security Number in the USA)
Even more, full identifying data of each tax payer is/was available. In addition to the CNP this also includes the full name, full address, and full finance information, including informations about taxes and duties paid to the state budget.
This sounds like a very severe breach. Unfortunately, we don't have a way of verifying the person's description of the article, and we cannot translate the article's text ourselves. If you have additional information about the breach, the reliability of the news reporting agency, or are able to translate key sections of the article, please let us know.

The article's text is available at:

-- Lenny

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