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HTTP Headers Illicit Characters
Recently I came across one of our applications with illicit characters in the values of some of the Web Application headers. I am able to write tests for this but I have been unable to find any authoritative document that outlines what characters are or are not allowed in a Web Application Header directive or value.

It would seem that this should be some of the characters in the normal US ASCII table such as A-Z0-9 etc... but I have seen vertical tabs, bell chars etc..

Does anyone know of a good reference?

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You can find the standard here:… . RFC 7230 is the most recent HTTP standard and section 3.2.6 defines what is (and is not) allowed in HTTP headers. Johannes

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First thank you very much try to listen to your POD Cast at 5:00 Houston time.

if I understand the link here:

Then the approved characters in a header directive and/or its value is the US-ASCII visible set here:

However; these values (),/:;<=>?@[\]{} are not allowed in the directive and they must be used as delimiters within the value of the directive unless in comments.

Am I interpreting this correctly?

So even a tilde can be used in a directive legally?

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