SolusVM Fall Out
As you may already know, in mid June SolusVM experienced a fairly critical zero day with a SQL injection vulnerability. As a result, many VPS providers using their software were compromised and suffered extended outages.

For those of you who use SolusVM, has this sent you seeking alternatives? If so, which are you looking at? If you're sticking with SolusVM anyway, why?

One "alternative" which I know of is Proxmox. Does anyone have experience with it?
Alex Stanford

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SolusVM has announced that is doing an external security audit for them, following their own internal security audit. Does anyone have any familiarity or experience with CNS Group? Alex Stanford

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Its fixed. I had same issue Vipul

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Yes SolusVM says this doesn't fall in their support. But I have tried both their automated move and manual move.
Both of them break the container on both nodes the one I am moving from and slave I am trying to move to.
I don't get any errors. If I try to revert them back to original server they never work again. They show online.
But they never ping again. Anyone seen this before. I can't believe that they don't help with this

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