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SANS ISC: iOS 9.2.1 Siri Lock screen bug returns? - SANS Internet Storm Center SANS ISC InfoSec Forums

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iOS 9.2.1 Siri Lock screen bug returns?

I can't find any reference on the web right now but has anyone else noticed that the bug Apple fixed in 9.0.2 that stopped the trick where an attacker enters a lock screen code incorrectly 4 times and on the 5th attempt fires up Siri and then manages to jump into Contacts and Photos is back again?

I have just done it on a couple of different 9.2.1 devices. I can't repeat it on a 9.0.2 device. It is identical. There are various videos out there showing how to get the timing right to pull this off. I could easily be making a mistake here so apologies if I'm wasting anyones time. I have searched and searched for any news on this but nothing.

If it really has returned I find the link between 9.0.1 (where the bug first surfaced) and 9.2.1 worth looking at. At the time 9.0.2 was being released to fix this a Beta of 9.2.1 was being released with the bug in tact. Obviously this should have been removed from the final release..... that's the idea of testing but..


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I guess you're referring to this:


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