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SANS ISC: Time Warner Cable IMAP SSL certificate expired SANS ISC InfoSec Forums

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Time Warner Cable IMAP SSL certificate expired
I just got off a chat with Time Warner Cable tech support. Their IMAP SSL certificate expired, and I wanted to notify them. I notified them after Thunderbird threw an error. Their tech support decided the only way to fix the problem was to grant access to my desktop and let them have a look around.
Just a warning.

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Curious, are you Time Warner, Charter Spectrum and what "geo" are you?



P.S. In past, TW (Los Angeles) has asked for remote access, I inform them no and move me up to top level support, top level figures if I am calling about a "cert" (or like) I am not using my optical drive as a cup holder.

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I'm Time Warner STNY (Souther Tier, NY). Now Spectrum.
The problem went away on it's own. Specifically, the next morning there wasn't an issue.
I wonder if it was an issue with timezones. If the certificate expiration used UTC, then it WAS expired. But if it was using EST, then no.

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