The Ultimate SANS Pen Test Poster
For those of you who missed it...
Quote:So, how do you get a poster? Well, you can click on the links above to download them. For a printed copy, if you are at SANSFIRE this week in Washington DC, we have passed them out in each of the penetration testing courses. If you are at SANS FIRE and didn't get one, ask me or another pen test instructor for one, and we'll gladly hand one to you. Also, tonight at the SANS NetWars event at SANSFIRE, we'll have some posters for you.

Furthermore, the posters are being included in the SANS postal mailing of upcoming big brochures. If you receive SANS brochures in the mail, be on the lookout for one with the Pen Test Poster. I've heard some people started receiving them this week already. It'll be bundled with the brochure, so look carefully, and don't throw it away. :)

And, finally, if you come to an upcoming SANS course on penetration testing in the next couple of months, we'll make sure to have posters ready and available for you.

Original announcement with downloads:
Alex Stanford

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Wasn't expecting 1 port at a time.
Note, default config has built in blocklist that includes addresses you may have in your test environment.


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