Proxy list for ingress blocking

I am trying to find a reasonable list of well-known proxy providers in order to drop traffic originating from these ip addresses. I know the lists exists in certain paid IDS solutions, but I figured a csv list has to exists. The list obviously does not have to be all-encompassing because it is impossible to map out every proxy service world-wide.

I currently use the free rules from Emerging Threats, I found a few sites that will allow you to download a csv like, and, but these are paid. I figured at least someone else has already found a free list somewhere.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

I have been looking for any lists like this, and so far I haven't found anything comprehensive. Some of the proxy providers try to stay anonymous on purpose and make it particularly difficult to find their IP addresses. We do have tor exit nodes, but they are pretty easy to find. For example see… (and the data can also be retrieved in different formats via our API ) Johannes

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I suppose you could go to a free proxy list like and scrape that data over a period of time... Now that I think about it I may do this myself and publish the list. red0green

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