Cybersecurity Canon: a list of must-read books
A nice list of books (not only technical) about "cybersecurity":…

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Great list of books. I am reading Zero Day by Kim Zetter which is about Stuxnet, The Flame, and Gaux and it is great. It does not contain too much techno babble is a really enjoyable read. Much like a thriller/who done it. But I am learning a lot.

I also recently got Rick's favorite book Crypto-Nomicon, which was less than $5 with shipping. He gets real excited everytime I hear him in a podcast and even in person when he discusses it.

The Cuckoo’s Egg:

Interview with Clifford Stoll on CSPAN: Book Notes: He is so enthusiastic during this interview it is contagious.

PBS Movie about The Cuckoo's Egg: - It is a little cheesy from 1990 but very accurate when you pay attention to the network diagrams and technical details for back then.


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