froxlor Server Management Portal severe security issue

Published: 2015-07-31
Last Updated: 2015-07-31 17:06:24 UTC
by Russ McRee (Version: 1)
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The froxlor Server Management Panel is lightweight server management software. Your Handler on  Duty was unaware of foxlor, if diary readers are users, feel free to comment or email regarding your user experience and past security issues.

Per froxlor: 

Due to a severe security issue in the database logging system, we strongly recommend to update your current froxlor installation to We also recommend to remove any content from the /froxlor/logs/ directory.


Note: Gentoo-ebuild and Debian packages are now available..

Visit or join our IRC channel #froxlor on

Russ McRee | @holisticinfosec

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