Winternals/SysInternals acquired by Microsoft

Published: 2006-07-18
Last Updated: 2006-07-18 17:05:52 UTC
by Scott Fendley (Version: 1)
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For those of us that have loved the tools that Mark and Bryce have created over the years, pay attention.  Winternals/Sysinternals has been acquired by Microsoft.  It is my hope/belief that many of these tools may become a standard part of any new operating systems released by Microsoft.   However, those decisions have not been made at this moment in time.  I hope that Mark is able to assist in "making Windows an even better platform for all of us!"  In the mean time,  you might want to download the newest versions of these tools and play with them.  Many of them are wonderful tools to have in the toolkit of any IT Security professional.


Scott Fendley
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