Wildfire Scams

Published: 2007-10-26
Last Updated: 2007-10-27 18:23:03 UTC
by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 2)
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As with any disaster in the past, we expect some scams related to the California wildfires. So far, we are happy to report that we see almost no activity. But if you come across something, please let us know!

Basic tips:

  • only donate to charities you know.
  • do not respond to donation requests that you may receive via e-mail.
  • If in doubt, make your donation via mail or phone using a well published phone number.
  • The IRS operates a registry of charities apps.irs.gov/portal/site/pub78

Our best wishes are with the victims of the fire.



UPDATE:  We are starting to see hunderds of domain registers about the California Wildfires.  Keep a watchful eye out for spam related to these "suspicious" domains.


Joel Esler


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