WTF tcp port 81

Published: 2017-04-22
Last Updated: 2017-04-23 13:35:40 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 1)
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I don't know what of our tools you, our readers, use on a regular basis, but one of the things, I like to look at first when I login to is the Top 10 Ports by Unique Sources chart. This suggests coordinated (think botnets) scanning. So, I was really shocked to see port 81 had jumped up to 2nd position just behind all the Mirai-ish port 23 scanning. Take a look at the port 81 chart. If any of our readers have any insight into what is going on here since 16 Apr, plase let us know.

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6 comment(s)


Some kind of error in software coding perhaps, where zero being 1 has been overlooked?
We can confirm at our organization that we're also seeing a spike in port 81 access attempts since April 15th.

- Joel Hilke
The only thing I have seen is public IP checksfrom via user agent "uTorrent/347". Maybe a new technique in peering?
we have a blog about this here,
Hi Jim,

It is a new IOT botnet reported by netlab from 360 company.

More info below.
360's NetLab has some details on this activity:

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