VoIP Spam (Vonage?)

Published: 2007-10-29
Last Updated: 2007-10-29 17:37:06 UTC
by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 1)
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I just may have gotten my first VoIP spam. My VoIP line (which I have with Vonage) rang once. It should be configured to forward calls to my "real" phone. But this didn't happen. Instead, shortly after the phone rang, I received a new voicemail. The voice mail was about 4 minutes long and consisted of a recording of some comedian. Nothing particular special or offensive. Mostly the usual joke referring to US political issues like healthcare and Iraq. The recording starts and ends suddenly without introduction and it sounds like it is part of a larger program. Haven't listened to the full recording yet.

Has anybody else experienced this issue?

Two more details: My Vonage console shows the call duration as exactly 5 minutes and the caller id as 1111111111


Update: John pointed to an older article in a Vonage user forum. That, and some additional Googeling kind of leads to the idea that '111-111-1111' is a frequently used caller ID used by companies with the ability to adjust the caller ID. Larger phone systems will allow you to adjust caller IDs for outbound calls. "all 1" appears to be a popular configuration for such systems.
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