VirusTotal VTzilla firefox/chrome plugin

Published: 2011-01-10
Last Updated: 2011-01-10 18:02:40 UTC
by Manuel Humberto Santander Pelaez (Version: 1)
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If you are a frequent user of virustotal service, you might find useful as I did the firefox plugin they have to interact with their service. It allows to scan suspicious links, scan downloads before storing them, scan websites being displayed and search for a file/url report. Saves time to use their service.

Download it here. More information at

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3 comment(s)


Would this plugin be useful for users who are security-minded, but not real techy, to supplement their commercial AV product, say when going to a site that hasn't been evaluated by McAfee site advisor?
Looks like the virus total add-in isn't recognized by Mozilla as working with the current Firefox version.
I actually suggested such an extension, using virustotal, on this very website in Feb 2008. MarkH@isc replied:

"They idea is certainly good, but there are a couple of challenges.
The number of malware hashes is a bit large. one of the other handlers had some stats, but in the last year the known new malware hashes was over 1 million. Storm at one stage was pumping out a newly packed file (ie differnt hash) every 2 minutes.

The other challenge might be that typically you'd have to download the file first. Which in some cases makes it to late.

That said there are a number of AV vendors that seem to be using this method and their detection rate for older stuff is really good, new, therefore no hash, not so."

I disagreed with this at the time - it wasn't supposed to be an end-all solution, but another brick in the wall.

Nice to see it taking off tho, every little helps. I like the URL scanning feature of this extension, very nice indeed.

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