Update for RSA Authentication Manager

Published: 2011-06-30
Last Updated: 2011-06-30 15:01:00 UTC
by Rob VandenBrink (Version: 1)
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RSA posted SP4 Patch 4 of their Authentication Manager product today. There are a few pages of fixes in the README, but the most significant is that Authentication Manager can now be installed on Windows Server 2008 (both 32 and 64bit). 

This is significant, as until now Windows Server 2003 was the most recent Windows version supported - this has been a growing source of frustration for RSA shops.

Long story short, I've installed it in a production environment on Server 2008, it works exactly as you'd expect. Good on them for catching up !

ps - The native AD integration (via LDAP) also works quite nicely - this is recent but not new in this release.

Rob VandenBrink

2 comment(s)


A link to RSA about this would be helpful.
Did you install it in a mixed environment? I was wondering how it plays with Server 2003 32-bit.

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