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Published: 2024-03-24
Last Updated: 2024-03-25 03:24:49 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 1)
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I am TA-ing for Taz for the new SANS FOR577 class again and I figured it was time to release some fixes to my script that I wrote up last fall while doing the same. I still plan to make some additional updates to the script to be able to take the hex strings from stdin, but in the meantime, figured I should release this fix. I was already using Python3's inet_ntoa() function to convert the IPv4 address, so I simplified the script by using the inet_ntop() function since it can handle both the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses instead of my kludgy handling of the IPv6. As a side-effect it also quite nicely handles the IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses (of the form ::ffff:

And, during class today, I noticed that somewhere along the line, I broke my script when taking input from stdin. That has now been fixed, too.

Both scripts can be found in my scripts repo on github.





Jim Clausing, GIAC GSE #26
jclausing --at-- isc [dot] sans (dot) edu

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