Thunderbird Released

Published: 2008-12-31
Last Updated: 2008-12-31 04:45:11 UTC
by David Goldsmith (Version: 1)
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Mozilla released Thunderbird today.  The release notes are here.  This release addresses a number of security issues, most of which were also in the Firefox browser fixes 3.0.5 and earlier this month.

  MFSA 2008-60 - Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
  MFSA 2008-61 Information stealing via loadBindingDocument
  MFSA 2008-64 XMLHttpRequest 302 response disclosure
  MFSA 2008-65 Cross-domain data theft via script redirect error message|
  MFSA 2008-66 Errors parsing URLs with leading whitespace and control characters
  MFSA 2008-67 Escaped null characters ignored by CSS parser
  MFSA 2008-68 XSS and JavaScript privilege escalation

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