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Setting up Honeypots

Published: 2013-11-13
Last Updated: 2013-11-14 17:03:50 UTC
by Mark Hofman (Version: 1)
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Most if not all of the handlers run honeypots, sinkholes, SPAM traps, etc in various locations around the planet. As many of you are aware they are a nice tool to see what is going on on the Internet at a specific time.  Setting up a new server the other day it was interesting to see how fast it was touched by evilness.  Initially it wasn't even intended as a honeypot, but it soon turned into one when "interesting" traffic started turning up.  Now of course mixing business (servers original intended use) and pleasure (honeypot) aren't a good thing, so honeypot it is. 

It was quite disheartening to see how fast evilness turned up: 

  • SSH brute force attacks port 22 < 2minutes
  • SSH brute force attacks port 2222 < 4 hours
  • Telnet  - 8 Minutes
  • Coldfusion checks ~ 30 minutes
  • SQLi Check ~ 15 minutes
  • Open Proxy check 3128  - 81 minutes
  • Open Proxy Check 80 - 35 minutes
  • Open proxy check 8080 - 48 minutes

Which got me thinking about a few things and hence this post.  There are two things I'm interested in firstly when running Honeypots what do you use?  There are some great resources and different tools, so what works for you.  This one I just set up using the 404 project components from this site. I used Kippo for 2222 and for the rest I used actual product configured to bounce pretty much every request.  It doesn't get me exactly what they are doing, but it gives me a first indication, plus I ran out of time :-(  

The second thing I'd like to know is, when you set up the Honeypot for the first time how long did it take to get a hit?  On our site we have a survival time.  It would be interesting to know what the survival time for SSH, FTP, telnet, proxies etc is.  So the next time you set up a honey pot, or if you still have the logs going back that far take a look and share.  SSH with a default password less than 2 minutes. What are your stats?



(PS if you are going to set one up, make sure you fully understand what you are about to do.  You are placing a deliberately vulnerable device on the internet.  Depending on your location you may be held liable for stuff that happens (IANAL).  It it gets compromised, make sure it is somewhere where it can't hurt you or others. )


11 comment(s)
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