Rogue apps inside Android Marketplace

Published: 2011-03-03
Last Updated: 2011-03-03 14:08:10 UTC
by Manuel Humberto Santander Pelaez (Version: 1)
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Android Marketplace is a place where users that own devices using the Android operating system can download a large variety of apps for the device. There has been reports of applications that have gone into Android Marketplace DroidDream infected with malware, which was rooting phones and stealing the IMSI and IMEA codes.

One of the favorite targets of attackers are mobile devices. They can use them as bridges to gain access to corporate data network. To minimize risks, it is important to establish a security baseline and place antimalware protection inside them. We have the example of Trendmicro Mobile Security for Android, Mcafee Mobile Security and Symantec Mobile Internet Security.

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7 comment(s)
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