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Opera 9.20

Published: 2007-04-12
Last Updated: 2007-04-12 12:04:05 UTC
by Joel Esler (Version: 1)
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Thanks to a couple readers that wrote in this morning, we were notified about Opera 9.20 for all platforms.

A cut and paste of the "Security" section says:


  • Fix for character encoding inheritance issue with frames, which could enable cross-site scripting. See the advisory.
  • Fixed an issue regarding handling of FTP PASV response, as reported by Mark at
  • XMLHttpRequest now treats separate ports on the same server as a different server. Issue reported by Egmont Koblinger.
  • Fixed an issue where scripts could continue to run after leaving the page, as reported by Herrmann Manuel.
  •'s message about successful certificate installation is now shown.
So, if you are out there running Opera.  Time to upgrade!  /me goes off to upgrade my own.

Joel Esler
Handler of the Day
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