Office 2021: VBA Project Version

Published: 2021-12-19
Last Updated: 2021-12-19 08:30:35 UTC
by Didier Stevens (Version: 1)
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2 years ago, in diary entry "VBA Office Document: Which Version?", I listed all internal VBA project version numbers for the Office versions I had access to.

In my hotel room one evening (I recently provided private training on malicious Office documents for red teamers), I downloaded Microsoft Office version 2021 to check the new version numbers.

For 64-bit Office, there is a new internal VBA project version number: B5.

But for 32-bit Office, the result is unexpected: B2, i.e., the same version number as 64-bit Office 2016/2019 ...

If you have Office 2021 and some time to test, can you check your documents (with VBA) and post a comment?

Didier Stevens
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