OS X Software Update to 10.4.5, and now I wonder if I missed one?

Published: 2006-02-15
Last Updated: 2006-02-15 17:53:58 UTC
by William Salusky (Version: 2)
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The Apple Product Security team released a security patch notice today regarding the latest available OS X Software Update.  This sets the current OS X revision level firmly at 10.4.5.  The Software Update detail refers to many networking/application updates but does not really mention the Kernel level system crash that may be triggered by a malicious local user.  Well, I'm not going to be giving local system access away to my machine to find out what that case might look like.

I do find it interesting that at the time of my viewing of the following URL for the apple.com knowledge base detailed information Security Update page the most recent entry is from Jan 10th.  There is no mention of a Kernel issue there, though I'm sure they'll catch up. http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n61798/  

A worrisome observation that may simply be my failing senses, is that my Powerbook which as of this writing is running 10.4.3, and today we have the 10.4.5 release.  I'm pretty good about paying attention to software updates, did anyone else experience this loss of awareness?
FYI, It has been confirmed by many sources in fact that yes there was a 10.4.4, I did give myself the out in that I probably missed it.  So "Yes, I am a big dumb-dumb", and have probably been asleep at the wheel for a month or so.  More interesting terms have been thrown may way which I am wise in choosing not to reprint, but accept them graciously and resemble entirely.  Ok, Luke?

I unfortunately do not have a test subject (i.e. coworker) to have patch their OS X installation first, so I'm going to bite the bullet and go for broke.  Software Update here I come... <<CONNECTION TERMINATED>>

:)  Just kidding.  I really do like my powerbook.

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