New variant of ANI (MS07-017) exploit

Published: 2007-04-17
Last Updated: 2007-04-17 18:10:04 UTC
by George Bakos (Version: 1)
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What a shocker - malware authors are playing cat 'n' mouse with antivirus signatures.

Roger Chiu of Malware-Test Lab submitted a .ani file observed in the wild that was not detected as malicious by any popular antivirus tools. As with many other ANI attacks, this was presented as a CURSOR object in a DIV element on a compromised web site:

<DIV style="CURSOR: url(hxxp://"></DIV>
<DIV style="CURSOR: url(hxxp://"></DIV>

This latest variant was submitted to the A/V community for inclusion and the site owners contacted.

Thanks, Roger.

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