Malware delivered over Google and Yahoo Ad's?

Published: 2009-09-25
Last Updated: 2009-09-25 21:48:54 UTC
by Deborah Hale (Version: 1)
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A reader called this article to our attention today.  It is purported that Google, Yahoo and an possibly other websites were victims of cyber crooks yesterday.  It appears that somehow the crooks managed to sneak malware into the syndication services. According to the article in The Register:

"End users visiting sites that used the ad syndication services often saw nothing more than a brief flash as the malware-laced ads caused their browsers to open - and then close - a booby-trapped PDF file. But behind the scenes, the payload installed Win32/Alureon, a trojan that drops a backdoor on infected machines".

Looks like once again simply surfing the net can be deadly to your computer.  Just another example of why Anti Virus, IDS and other protective measures are so important to every one.

Deb Hale Long Lines, LLC

2 comment(s)


I suspect this has been going on for a little while. I got a hit off a well known news website last week. Fake AV tried to install.
I work at an A/V removal shop. The amount of sweet old men and women coming in to get their computers checked out for viruses has increased. About 90% of them do the right thing and close it all out while their anti-virus software takes care of the rest. It just kind of sucks and makes me feel like I need a bigger bench.

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