Malpsam pushes Ursnif through Italian language Word docs

Published: 2020-02-12
Last Updated: 2020-02-12 00:12:13 UTC
by Brad Duncan (Version: 1)
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For the past two weeks or so, I haven't found any malspam using password-protected zip archives with Word documents having macros for Ursnif.  However, on Tuesday 2020-02-11, malspam from this campaign has resumed.  This time, it used Italian language Word documents with macros for Ursnif.  @reecdeep started a Twitter thread with some of the details (link).

Shown above:  An infection chain from this campaign seen on Tuesday 2020-02-11.

Today's diary has a quick review of an infection from this campaign from Tuesday 2020-02-11.

Finding the associated Word documents

I searched VirusTotal Enterprise using the following criteria and found at least 66 password-protected zip archives containing the file info_02_11.doc from Tuesday 2020-02-11:

info_02_10.doc tag:zip fs:2020-02-10+

None of the associated emails had been submitted to VirusTotal, so I had to guess at the password.  Several of these zip archives used 111 as the password.  One of them used 222 as the password.  The example I used for an infection had 333 as the password.

Shown above:  Searching VirusTotal Enterprise for zip archives containing info_02_11.doc.

Shown above:  After a couple of guesses, I found the proper password for one of the zip archives from my VirusTotal search.

Shown above:  Word document extracted from the password-protected zip archive.

Infection traffic

Infection traffic was typical from what I've seen with this campaign.

Shown above:  Traffic from the infection filtered in Wireshark.

Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)

Traffic from an infected Windows host:

  • 194.61.2[.]16 port 80 - qr12s8ygy1[.]com - GET /khogpfyc8n/215z9urlgz.php?
  • port 443 - - HTTPS traffic (not inherently malicious)
  • 95.169.181[.]35 port 80 - lcdixieeoe[.]com - GET /images/[long string of characters].avi
  • 45.141.103[.]204 port 443 - q68jaydon3t[.]com - HTTPS/SSL/TLS traffic caused by Ursnif

Associated files:

SHA256 hash: 28931260f23f2b669be6bd26ddb7f93cf75b2c2790373a3a45a34b09fa9ef907

  • File size: 63,761 bytes
  • File name:
  • File description: Password-protected zip archive (password: 333)

SHA256 hash: 00d986b615d4082fe0ba0aa677b15eb97015f2b357ae87828be85b1e895e0d0b

  • File size: 70,429 bytes
  • File name: info_02_11.doc
  • File description: Word doc with macro for Ursnif

SHA256 hash: 4268d7a5f33d411ab4c4fae7363b21755ad9e576e2094df18f3615399945fd41

  • File size: 3,605 bytes
  • File location: C:\Windows\Temp\a6c9p.xsl
  • File description: XSL file dropped by Word macro

SHA256 hash: 996fcd8c55f923e86477d3d8069f9e9b56c6301cf9b2678c5c5c40bf6a636a5f

  • File size: 188,416 bytes
  • File location: hxxp://qr12s8ygy1[.]com/khogpfyc8n/215z9urlgz.php?
  • File location: C:\Windows\Temp\aVQl7d.dll
  • File description: Ursnif binary retrieved using XSL file

Final words

A pcap of the infection traffic along with the associated malware can be found here.


Brad Duncan
brad [at]

Keywords: malspam Ursnif
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