Lots of Black Friday SPAM & Phishing

Published: 2014-11-28
Last Updated: 2014-11-28 23:20:46 UTC
by Russ McRee (Version: 1)
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Likely every reader out there, their friends and family, even their pets with email accounts, have received Black Friday SPAM or phishing attempts today. Our own Dr. J sent the handlers an Amazon sample for One Click Black Friday Rewards. Of course, that one click goes no where near Amazon and directs you to the likes of Black Fiday (yes, it's misspelled) at hXXp://www.jasbuyersnet.com/cadillac/umbered/sedatest/styes/coleuses/unterrified.htm. Can't speak to the payload there, don't bother, just use it at as ammo for heightened awareness and safe shopping on line during these holidays, and...well, all the time. Be careful out there. :-)

Cheers and happy holidays.


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In one of the spam messages that I received, clicking the embedded hyperlink eventually landed on the _real_ AMAZON.COM web-site, but with an "Associate_ID" string in the URL.

So, if I were do actually buy something via AMAZON, would that "associate" receive a few cents, or some "credit" within AMAZON?

Sneaky way to generate "credit" by exploiting gullible people who "click" first and think later.

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