It's Never Too Early To Start Teaching Them

Published: 2009-11-13
Last Updated: 2009-11-13 12:42:55 UTC
by Deborah Hale (Version: 1)
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Last week it was my pleasure to visit a group of middle school students that are interested in anything Science.  These young people were eager to learn and had prepared many really good questions about viruses, worms and other malicious programs as well as other dangers found on the Internet.  As they asked their questions and received the answers they became more and more excited about the task ahead of them.  You see this group is involved in a special after school education program. They spend several weeks working together on a project and then compete against other groups of young people.  The group I talked to are tasked with creating a virtual world on the Internet.  They are tasked with coming up with a plan to protect this virtual world against the dangers that it faces.  

In the discussion I mentioned that many of us in the Security Field think that people should have to pass a test and get a license before operating in the Internet.  So one of the things the kids are working on is a "Driver's Test" for the "Internet Super Highway".  They are also working on a "plan" for protecting their virtual world.  I am really looking forward to seeing what they come up with.  

I enjoy going out and "meeting" young people and talking to them about the dangers in Cyberspace and how to protect themselves, their families and their identity.  Perhaps someday this group of students will come up with some new and creative ideas about how to create a safe virtual world.

I encourage all of you to go out in your communities and talk to the young people, help them understand the Internet Superhighway and the dangers that are just around the corner.  With all of us working together we could really make a difference. To my new young friends I want to say that you are the hope of the future, never stop learning, never stop trying to improve the world we live in or the virtual world we "play in".  You truly are our hope for the future.

Deb Hale Long Lines, LLC

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