It is time to update your Web Browser

Published: 2012-02-17
Last Updated: 2012-02-17 18:46:18 UTC
by Mark Baggett (Version: 1)
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Both Firefox and Chrome have release updates this week.   Firefox has released 10.2 and Chrome is up to 17.0.963.56.  Firefox has released a couple of updates in quick succession with an impressive list of bugs being fixed. Check out this list :    Consider doing an update soon.



Release Notes:



Release Notes:

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Thunderbird was also updated to 10.0.2

And also seamonkey
Version 3 Mozilla products have also been updated: Firefox is up to version 3.6.27, Thunderbird to version 3.1.19.
On my systems, Firefox is only updating to 10.0.2. Hope I'm not missing something.
It's great to see these browsers getting such great support, and even focusing on Android alternatives.

For those of you with a powerful Windows phone such as an HD2, getting Android is a great upgrade!

Andrew @
Sorry, forgot to make the [url="]HTC HD2 Android[/url]resource clickable.

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