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Published: 2012-03-27
Last Updated: 2012-03-27 20:56:54 UTC
by Adam Swanger (Version: 1)
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Your vote counts! The ISC Poll is a quick and easy way to weigh in and compare your answer to hundreds of others in the industry. A new poll is posted occasionally to gauge the opinion or interest of current events and topics. The latest poll is always in the right column of the homepage. You can jump to the poll page, vote/comment or view results directly from the box.


Current Poll Each poll consists of a question and list of answers to choose from and generally a comment box for additional information about your answer. Choosing an answer and clicking the Vote button will automatically display the poll results and selected comments.

Archive Polls Previous poll questions are listed newest to oldest. Clicking the question will show poll results and selected comments.


Post suggestions or comments in the section below or send us any questions or comments in the contact form on

Adam Swanger, Web Developer (GWEB, GWAPT)
Internet Storm Center

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