ISC Feature of the Week: Report Fake Tech Support Call Statistics

Published: 2012-10-05
Last Updated: 2012-10-05 17:10:09 UTC
by Adam Swanger (Version: 1)
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We previously featured our collection of Fake Tech Support Calls project. This scam is continuing and we are hearing more and more about these calls from both knowledgeable and unsuspecting users with varying levels of success or failure depending on your viewpoint.

This week we feature the initial statistical reporting on the data we collected so far at!


Overview -

Summary of project with privacy notice, link to submission form and soon-to-come API

Summary Table -

  • Total number of submissions collected
  • Total number of days collected on
  • Average number of submissions per day

Summary of Fields -

Certain fields are multiple choice so we could pull some quick stats on them


More reporting and an API coming soon so stay tuned!

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