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Google Counter ... isn't

Published: 2007-05-30
Last Updated: 2007-05-30 17:12:50 UTC
by Daniel Wesemann (Version: 1)
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Those of you who have seen the "google-analytics" URL in your logs before might be tempted to assume (as I was) that google-counter[dot]com is just another incarnation of the same. I even at first discounted that my anti-virus complained about "obfuscated javascript", thinking that Google must have cooked up some really complicated Ajax mess again that misled my AV to a false positive.

But no. On a second look, the site tries to download an ANI cursor exploit. And wait - there is lots more IFRAMES. Ouch! This definitely ain't Google!

z-014-1.php contains an obfuscated exploit for MS06-014
z-014-3.php contains another exploit for MS06-014
z-create-o.php contains the IE CreateObject exploit (as seen on Metasploit TV)
z-cs-an.php is an obfuscated exploit for MS07-017
z-java1.php is an oldie, Java-ByteVerify exploit

All of these try to download and run a file "down.exe" off the same site, which in turn downloads and runs a Browser Helper Object (BHO) off someplace else. The BHO is a key logger / banking trojan. We have decoded the configuration file that tells the trojan what to do - you can look at the file under . Yes, lots of banks...    Thanks to fellow handlers Lorna and Pedro for help with the analysis.

Caution: The google-counter site is still live at the time of writing. Sink yourself at your own risk.
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