Firefox v. 7.0.1 Is Live

Published: 2011-09-30
Last Updated: 2011-09-30 16:56:09 UTC
by Tony Carothers (Version: 1)
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Mozilla released Firefox version 7.0.1 today, for both the desktop and mobile browsers, and followed up shortly with a support article regarding the handling of Add-ons.  A workaround is available and Mozilla is working on an update for Firefox.  One of our readers, Dave, submitted this:

From Mozilla:

We’ve identified an issue in which some users may have one or more of their add-ons hidden after upgrading to the latest Firefox version, affecting both desktop and mobile. These add-ons and their data are still intact and haven’t actually been removed. We paused new updates to Firefox to minimize the potential impact on users and will soon release an update to fix this issue and ensure all your add-ons are visible and usable.”

Tony Carothers

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7 comment(s)


Great, now this is progress... now instead of hiding the add-ons, now I can't get them to install... The download never appears to complete...
My experience was different; not only was NoScript hidden from sight, I can tell you with certainty that it was not working. I visited a small handful of sites post upgrade to FF7 and noticed all of them loaded features without interference.

I reinstalled NoScript manually and am now worried what will happen when I go to this new version; will there be side effects from the old and new versions being together? I will note that despite all this, after reinstallation all my whitelisted sites remained intact, so overall no harm no foul I think. But it was a very unpleasant surprise.
Seconded, my NoScript disappeared altogether after upgrading to FF7 - I just figured that it was usual Firefox-updates-plugins-stop-working thing and reinstalled it...
My experience with upgrading to 7.0 was the same as Russ and Alex: NoScript seemed to go away; it was definitely not working. I reinstalled NS manually, and found the settings (white list, etc.) were still there. I've now upgraded to 7.0.1, with no problems in the first ~24 hrs.

BTW, the diary entry is possibly a bit misleading: 7.0.1 is the update tat Mozilla was "working on".
'Might be best to hold off on this update, as others are having similar problems - not unlike the monthly MS Updates. 'Not good to be a guinea pig.
I never got notified about FF 7.0 but this morning got it for FF 7.0.1. It installed without any problems and didn't touch my extensions. It is both faster and less memory-intensive than FF 6.0.x and it fixed an issue where the tabs on the tab group screen were shown with with their full titles, creating a mess of overlapping text (I have a LOT of tabs). It worked in FF 5, was broken in FF 6 and now works again in FF 7.
What a joke, this whole increased release schedule has bought nothing but problems and embarrassment for the Mozilla Foundation.

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