Firefox 3.6.23 security update is out and so is version 7 (time to break some add-on)


...and still no support for TLS 1.1/1.2. Humph.
Mozilla is getting to be pretty arrogant and ignorant.
Their goofing around with the version release number which has caused me to consider removing it from our business operation was more important than upgrading TLS security. Not too happy with them and am ready to stop recommending Firefox as an alternate web browser.
I really dislike Firefox these days. If isn't odd versioning its breaking addons.
Surely they just need to version the addon APIs independently from the headline browser version, and the addon upgrade issue will go away.

It's not rocket science...

P.S. are you considering dropping support for MS Windows because they do security updates, like, *every* month!! arrogant b*stards.

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