Email/password Frustration

Published: 2018-08-22
Last Updated: 2018-08-22 17:17:05 UTC
by Deborah Hale (Version: 1)
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I am going to go back to the basics here for a minute and talk about one of the most common ways someone’s email account/password gets hacked. With all of the 3rd party hacks that have happened in recent months it would not be impossible that the password was stolen if the same password is used for multiple applications. If you use the same password for your, let’s say Twitter account as you do for your Bank Account, Credit Card accounts, email accounts, etc you are opening yourself up to a potential breach. Passwords should not be the same for multiple systems. Also, if the password is easily guessed, the changes are much better that your will get hacked. All they have to do is get your email address, try a few common passwords and walla they are in.

Old School best practice to protect you and your personal information is use passwords that are not easily guessed. And use different passwords for different levels of logins. AND NEVER, NEVER use your work passwords for anything that is NOT work related.

I know it is a pain to remember different passwords but in my opinion it is essential.

Deb Hale

4 comment(s)
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