Conficker patch via email?

Published: 2009-11-13
Last Updated: 2011-01-25 00:01:54 UTC
by Adrien de Beaupre (Version: 2)
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Microsoft does not send patches, updates, anti-virus, or anti-spyware via email (hopefully ever). The following ended up in my inbox this aft. The subject was: Conflicker.B Infection Alert

"Dear Microsoft Customer,

Starting 12/11/2009 the ‘Conficker’ worm began infecting Microsoft customers unusually rapidly. Microsoft has been advised by your Internet provider that your network is infected.

To counteract further spread we advise removing the infection using an antispyware program. We are supplying all effected Windows Users with a free system scan in order to clean any files infected by the virus.

Please install attached file to start the scan. The process takes under a minute and will prevent your files from being compromised. We appreciate your prompt cooperation.

Microsoft Windows Agent #2 (Hollis)
Microsoft Windows Computer Safety Division"

Attachment is application/zip 45.82 KB and detection at Virustotal is soso:

Adrien de Beaupré Inc.


7 comment(s)


I especially like the additional quote (") at the end of their title. Not sure if that was a typo or if it has some significance to the phish.
I like the fact that the date they said it started is next month. so it's infected your computer in the future.
Sorry, I added the " at the beginning and end of the email body text. They appear to be using standard date format Day/Month/Year (outside the USA). Cheers, Adrien
Does anyone have the Subject line of these emails?
It was: Conflicker.B Infection Alert
Thanks Adrien.
Interesting. We started seeing these in October and the payload has changed three times now.

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