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Black Tuesday Summary

Published: 2005-10-11
Last Updated: 2005-10-11 20:17:26 UTC
by Joshua Wright (Version: 2)
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Thanks to Lorna for putting together a summary or today's patching fun:

Bulletin Supercedes Severity Impact
MS05-044  N/A Moderate Tampering 
MS05-045  N/A Moderate Denial of Service
MS05-046  N/A Important Remote Code Execution
MS05-047  MS05-039 Important Remote Code Execution and Local Elevation of Privilege
MS05-048  N/A Important Remote Code Execution
MS05-049  MS05-016, MS05-024
Important Remote Code Execution
MS05-050  MS05-030 Critical  Remote Code Execution
MS05-051  MS05-010, MS05-026, MS05-039, MS05-012, MS04-012
Critical Remote Code Execution
MS05-052  MS05-037, MS05-038
Critical Remote Code Execution

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