Back to the past with penny stock spam

Published: 2013-04-05
Last Updated: 2013-04-05 21:48:29 UTC
by Mark Hofman (Version: 1)
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Most of you will remember the penny stock SPAM messages from a fair few years ago.  The main aim of the game is to buy a bunch of penny stock and then do a SPAM campaign to drive buying interest, artifically inflating the price of the stock.  They sell and make their money. It may be a few cents per share, but if you own enough of it can be quite profitable.  Most SPAM filters are more than capable of identifying and dumping this kind of SPAM. 

It looks however like it is becoming popular again.  My little SPAM traps have been receiving a few of these messages over the last few days. 

It is making noise again!!! It Started Moving After this


Date: Thursday, Apr 4th, 2013

Name: Pac West Equities, Inc.

To buy: P_WEI

Current price: $.19

Long Term Target: $.55


OTC News Subscriber Reminder!!! Releases Breaking News This



What is old is new again. It might be agood idea to check that your filters are taking care of these for you.


(to much Big bang theory before writing ;-) thanks for pointing it out )

11 comment(s)
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