AT&T Wireless Data Outage

Published: 2008-01-31
Last Updated: 2008-01-31 20:21:05 UTC
by Joel Esler (Version: 2)
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Thanks all of you that have written in.  We have seen the articles that say that AT&T is having a wireless data outage. 

We have heard from multiple sources on the issue, and it seems to be limited to only certain regions of the US.  (Central and South East primarily).  I am currently in the NE section of the country, writing this entry on my AT&T 3G Wireless card.  So I know it's working here (plus my iPhone and my wife's Blackberry work fine too).

We have also heard that this problem has been resolved.  So everything should be back (if not already) to normal soon.

Thank you for writing in all of you.

Joel Esler


UPDATE:  According to Gizmodo -- AT&T's network is "sporadic" in the Midwest and South East.  This will probably be the last update to this article, as it seems to be clearing up.  Apparently 6 points between the wireless network and the wired network "rolled over"  (I think that's wireless speak for "died".)

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