New Hacker Challenge: Prison Break - Breaking, Entering & Decoding

Published: 2009-07-27
Last Updated: 2009-07-27 11:35:11 UTC
by Raul Siles (Version: 2)
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Hey, ISC readers and challenge fans! Ed Skoudis has posted one of his famous and always
entertaining security challenges over at EthicalHacker dot Net.

This time I got the opportunity to write it, and it has been a lot of fun! I hope you
enjoy participating on this challenge as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Thanks Ed!
The "Prison Break - Breaking, Entering & Decoding" challenge is based on the Prison
Break TV show, adapted to a hacking scenario. It has been designed to test your
penetration testing skills and make you think about the associated defensive

As usual, prizes will go to the best technical and creative answers, as well as one
random draw winner. You can check Ed's previous challenges on his website.

This can be a good entertainment after the common depression following the BlackHat &
Defcon conferences. Submit your answer by August 31, 2009.

Raul Siles

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