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Published: 2009-06-22
Last Updated: 2009-06-22 19:01:27 UTC
by Mari Nichols (Version: 1)
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According to the Australian version of the SORBS website,  Michelle (formerly Matthew) Sullivan is announcing a possible closure of the website due to contract issues.  The Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS) anti-spam project is having some difficulties and states that it will close as of 20 July 2009 at noon.  The site is asking for alternative hosting and states that it is officially for sale.

Read the pending closure notification at and a history of the organization at

Mari Nichols


1 comment(s)


This is a very unfortunate turn of events for the anti-spam community. SORBS was a very dependable DNSBL provider. I hope Michelle finds good alternative hosting to continue providing the service.

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