Confirmed Gmail outage

Published: 2009-05-14
Last Updated: 2009-05-14 22:36:04 UTC
by Joel Esler (Version: 13)
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I am affected as well.  :)

We've received several reports in the past few minutes about Gmail being down.  Don't have a timeframe on how long it will be down, but it looks like Gmail has been unresponsive for about the past 10 minutes.  I'll update this diary if it continues.

Update:  According to people sending in reports via Twitter, it's been down for about since about 10:45 EDT.

Update 2:  Receiving reports of a total fail of Google Applications.  Gmail, Reader, Docs, News, Apps..etc.  Thanks for those reports via Twitter.

Update 3:  Reports of Google working in some areas (West Coast,, and others), however the outpage appears to pretty widespread for the most part.  Probably depends on which Google Data Center you are connected to.

Update 4:  Received a report theorizing that it's not actually Google that is down, it's AT&T's networks, anything that is touching AT&T's network on the way to Google is getting hosed.  I've had one confirmation come in of this, can anyone else confirm (answer via Twitter or the comments to this post, as my mail isn't working!)

Update 5 (to Update 4):  Getting confirmations of reports of outages via AT&T, also receiving successful connection reports going through AT&T.  So it's intermittant.  Most likely a problem with Google localized at their various data centers.

Update 6:  I can now successfully connect to Google Applications.  Gmail, News, Reader.  All up at my location (East Coast).

Update 7:  Receiving reports of Google coming back up for everyone now.  Still down in some areas, but it appears connectivity is being restored.  We'll have to wait and see what the end result was, but I'd like to thank the hundreds of people that followed along with us via Twitter.  We were receiving live reports from around the world.  Apologize to anyone who has the SANS Twitter account going directly to their phone (there was a lot of Tweeting going on!).  Next time we follow something live like that, we'll try and warn you. 

However, I think it to be very interesting that we used Twitter as a realtime communications medium like that.   We have several realtime methods of getting a hold of us.

The contact link above at the top of the screen.

Twitter (obviously)

IRC:  #dshield on

Update 8:  Google's page for the status of their apps.  I didn't post this earlier, as with Google down, I couldn't get to this page either!

Update 9:  Google has posted what happened on their blog:  here.

Update 10: (Final Update, most likely.)  A great view from an ISP's point of view courtesy of Arbor.  Take a look at this blog post to see a graph of the sudden drop off.

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18 comment(s)


I can't get to anything google related. Gmail, Google Search, Google News.
Gmail is working just fine for me at the moment.
No problem here either - both my networks seem fine.
Gibbonsec -- What is your location if you don't mind sharing?
Sorry - removed my location thinking I was going to add - Canada here - can't give upstream.
I just added the "Ad Blocker" Firefox add-on to block Google-Analytics so my pages will load. I'm in the DC area, and have seen this outage for about an hour (starting shortly before 11 AM EST)
That's fine, Jason. Thank you.
Thank you Randy.
Gmail is working just fine for me at the moment.
I'm on the west coast of Florida, sir.

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