Internet Explorer 8, now being offered via Software Update

Published: 2009-04-28
Last Updated: 2009-04-29 15:31:06 UTC
by Joel Esler (Version: 3)
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If you were to go to your "Windows Update..." feature today, you will see that IE8 is now available as a "critical" update to your Microsoft OS.

Several of the Handlers believe, (as well as I), that this is a good thing, and we are all for the replacement of the older IE6 and IE7, and am hoping this causes more of a standards based World Wide Web, instead of websites having to code to the browser.  

Time to update your IE installation!!

-- Joel Esler

3 comment(s)


Hurrah! Good news indeed.
And everyone with IE6 uses Windows Update, right? ...
Almost all IE6 installs I have seen are running Win2000. I don't think IE8 will work on 2000, so we'll still see IE6 for a while.

However, I do agree it is good news. I am a little upset that they pushed it to Windows Update before WSUS, though. I'd like to deploy this to my testing pool today, but right now all I can do is manually install to a few PCs.
My company still uses IE6, unfortunately.

Its required, XP sp2, IE6. It's primarily because of compatibility issues with software that is used, but in reality it's compatibility issues with the LAZINESS of our vendors.

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