SANS Internet Storm Center Winner of RSA Social Security Award for Best Technical Blog

Published: 2009-04-24
Last Updated: 2009-04-24 17:00:56 UTC
by John Bambenek (Version: 1)
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 We've been informed that we have won the Best Technical Blog award (though we'd dispute that we're actually a blog :) this year from the RSA Social Security awards. We'd like to thank you for not only nominating us, but for your continued support of our efforts, for reading our work and contributing to DShield and sending information in of interest.  That said, we aren't done evolving and continuing to improve the services we provide.  That said:

What can we do to improve our services?

What would you like to see added?

Is there something we are doing that we should stop?

Let us know your feedback!

John Bambenek / bambenek \at\ gmail /dot/ com

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