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Published: 2008-05-30
Last Updated: 2008-06-02 13:24:55 UTC
by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 2)
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Update: I just made live a first update based on some of the feedback we got. The changes affect mostly the Windows/Unix comparison section. I considered removing it as its very hard to make it "perfect". But I think its good enough. Please be aware that there are a number of different Windows and Unix versions and not all commands exist on each Windows/Unix version. Maybe a flyer to compare them is next :-). Another suggestion was to add color. I will keep it black/white for now to make it easy to print. Maybe a color version will be offered later.

The new ISC flyer is ready. Thanks everybody for their feedback. We got about 50 people sending suggestions about what to include. What you find in this version of a flyer is based on the most frequently requested features, with some consideration to space.

We offer the flyer as a PDF. In order to print it, you need legal size paper. However, we plan to include the flyer in our next SANSFIRE mailing. If you are interested to receive this flyer and currently do not receive any SANS mailings, make sure you are registered at the SANS portal (complete and correct mailing address is important of course).

To download the flyer:

While I was working on this, I also added links to some other flyers/cheatsheets SANS offers for download. See

the ultimate goal is to setup a "make your own flyer" web-application. But this will take a while. Layout of the flyer is rather tricky as we try to squeeze as much content as possible into it.

Corrections / suggestions: Please use our contact page.

Johannes Ullrich

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