Bleeding Stopped? rises

Published: 2007-12-26
Last Updated: 2007-12-26 22:02:45 UTC
by Mike Poor (Version: 6)
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Some of our readers may have noticed that and its associated websites were timing out this morning.  Dave G was the first on our side to notice it.

That just in from Matt Jonkman:

"In light of the unavailability and repeated outages of the old Bleeding
Threats site we're going to replicate that ruleset on the Emerging
Threats website. More info on the site:
 (we've just moved DNS, so you may have an old IP for a few more
minutes, refresh later if you get a placeholder page)

Basic story, keep an eye on ( for your new place to find community Snort rules.  If you used bleedingthreats with Oinkmaster, you will need to point your oinkmaster.conf scripts to the new site at


Seems that has been funded, so that makes us in the Snort community very happy!

Hope you and yours had a great Holiday!

Mike Poor, H.O.D.




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