Malicious Post-Exploitation Batch File

Published: 2018-06-05
Last Updated: 2018-06-05 05:45:57 UTC
by Xavier Mertens (Version: 1)
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Here is another interesting file that I found while hunting. It is a malicious Windows batch file (.bat) which helps to exploit a freshly compromised system (or... to be used by a rogue user). I don't have a lot of information about the file origin, I found it on VT (SHA256: 1a611b3765073802fb9ff9587ed29b5d2637cf58adb65a337a8044692e1184f2)[1]. The script is very simple and relies on standard windows system tools and external utilities downloaded when neede.

Here is an overview of the available options. This should give you a good overview of the batch capabilities:

- Add User Account
- Show/hide User Account
- Enable Telent Service
- Enable Psexec Service
- Enable Remote Desktop Service
- Remote Login bypass backdoor (setch.exe or utilman.exe)
- EternalBlue
- MS1710-Psexec

- Meterpreter
- Cmd_shell
- Vnc_Powershell
- Winvnc
- JRrat
- Download/Execute ps1_script
- Download/Execute
- Post_exploits_script command shell
- Persis
- Ammyy Admin Trojan
- Radmin

- Mimikatz
- Mimikittenz
- Hashdump
- Wifi Password Dump
- Sherlock (Local privilege escalation vulnerabilities Scanner)
- Chrome Passwd Dump
- Firefox Passwd Dump
- Powerup (Vulns Founder)
- Get System info
- Get IPAddress
- Arp Scan
- Port Scanner
- Get Shares List
- Get Net View
- Netstat
- Get Process
- Scan MS17-010 Vulnerablity
- MS1710-Psexec_Scanner
- Port Forword

- MS11-046
- Invoke-BypassUAC
- Invoke-WScriptBypassUAC
- Invoke-MS16032
- Invoke-MS16135
- Invoke-EventVwrBypass
- Invoke-EnvBypass
- Invoke-FodHelperBypass
- Invoke-SDCLTBypass
- Invoke-PsUACme
- UAC-TokenMagic
- EventVwrBypass (Win=7,8,8.1,10)

- Install Python27
- Install Ruby187

Proxy Tunnel
- Setup Proxy Tunnle
- Delete Proxy Tunnle
- Show All Proxy Tunnle


Note the numerous typo errors (I left them as is). The script is a good example of demonstrating how easy it is to interact with a system only from a .bat file. Manipulation of users, registry keys, network, etc. The script has an update feature that fetches files from hxxp://remotebot.000webhostapp[.]com/powershellbot/. Many tools are also fetched from a GitHub repository[2] when needed.


Xavier Mertens (@xme)
ISC Handler - Freelance Security Consultant

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