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Published: 2016-12-29
Last Updated: 2016-12-30 19:20:33 UTC
by Rick Wanner (Version: 2)
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Following up on yesterday's diary on an increase in Protocol 47 traffic.   Thanks to everyone who sent the ISC PCAPs and more information.

Current speculation is the Protocol 47 uptick is backscatter from a DDOS containing GRE traffic and using random source IPs.  

While all of the packets appear to be IPv4 packets encapsulated in GRE, there are two flavors of packets involved.  The smaller packets are consistently 66 bytes long and contain no data.

The larger packets vary in size, but are typically in the high 500's of bytes and contain 512 bytes of data.  The data appears to be random.

While the sources show IPs from over 50 countries, about 55% of the source IPs in my data were from Taiwan, presumably these IPs are the primary attack targets.  

Top 10 Sources by Country

Country %
Taiwan 55.10%
United States 9.17%
Brazil 4.85%
Israel 3.22%
Romania 2.66%
Mexico 2.57%
Bulgaria 2.33%
Spain 2.19%
Uruguay 2.01%
China 1.89%

The majority of those were from IPs associated with Chungwa Telecom (HINET-NET), the largest ISP/Carrier in Taiwan.

Top 20 Sources by IP

source_address Country Taiwan HINET-NET Taiwan HINET-NET Taiwan CHIEF-AS-AP USA VIS-BLOCK Taiwan HINET-NET Bulgaria FIBER1BG Taiwan HINET-NET Hungary VIDANET-AS Taiwan HINET-NET Taiwan HINET-NET Brazil Duarte & Dias Eletroeletronicos Ltda ME Taiwan HINET-NET Taiwan HINET-NET Brazil Nettel Telecomunicações Ltda Taiwan VEETIME-TW-AP Ukraine BIOSCOMP-AS Taiwan SEEDNET Taiwan SAVECOM-TW Bulgaria BTC-AS BULGARIA USA ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC
However I can find no indication of an ongoing DDOS against Taiwan or Chungwa Telecom. 
So while we have gotten further into the mystery, we still don't have the whole picture.  Anybody have any ideas, or further information?  If so, please contact us.
UPDATE 1919 UTC: Someone pointed out that there has been another, if smaller uptick against other protocols as well.  My data shows that Protocols 132 and 255 are showing some traffic as well.

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2 comment(s)

Comments published these infos yesterday 09.01.2017
I was expecting that this would fade away. Is everyone still seeing this GRE backscatter traffic? 209,431 denied packets so far today from TW.

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