Adobe Flash Update Available for CVE-2015-0311 & -0312

Published: 2015-01-28
Last Updated: 2015-01-28 20:23:05 UTC
by Tony Carothers (Version: 1)
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Adobe has released an update to the Flash vulnerability CVE-2015-0311 discussed earlier this week here on the ISC.  The update released from Adobe addresses Flash vulnerabilities documented in CVE-2015-0311 & CVE-2015-0312, which now has exploits being seen in the wild.  Given that we are seeing exploits in the wild, the criticality of this exploit should be re-evaluated for prioritization and implementation.  Adobe has some useful guidance on the Flash versions required for the various OS and browsers which are impacted by this update at the bottom of their page, linked above.

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2 comment(s)

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edit: looks like it's fixed

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